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Here are sample workshops.  Best to call us, so we can help you assess your organization’s needs and design a program that will meet your needs

Faith Communities & Organizations

Faiths in Your Neighborhood: Expanding Your Multi Religious Literacy

We offer a menu of workshops aimed at acquainting religious leaders with the religious diversity of their city or region—or focusing on the beliefs, practices, and internal diversity of a particular religion about which deeper understanding is desired. Such workshops are available as a series.

Theological Foundations for Interreligious Dialogue

Religious leaders know how important it is for participation in conversations and collaborations to be seen as acts of faithfulness to their own tradition. They may wonder how to reconcile the exclusivist claims with the principles and dynamics of interreligious dialogue. This workshop draws upon resources from several traditions in presenting a range of theological positions on engagement in transformative interreligious conversations. 

Interfaith Hospitality: Setting the Table

Hospitality is one of the cornerstones of interfaith engagement, yet differences in beliefs and practices can pose significant challenges when we seek to create a welcoming space for those of other religious identities. This workshop provides participants with tools and resources to be truly welcoming hosts to guests from many religious traditions. 

Spiritual Friendship across Theological Differences

Friendship rooted in a shared search for ultimate meaning is an essential spiritual practice for many religious traditions and journeying with those of different religious beliefs and practices can be a profound source of insight and understanding. This workshop introduces teachings on friendship from a range of spiritual traditions as well as concrete practices for cultivating it with people whose beliefs and religious practices differ from our own.

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