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Who We Are
As a pioneering, interreligious, international university, we are mission-driven to create interreligious and intercultural understanding, and competency. We engage people in thinking differently, while countering stereotypes and monolithic assumptions.

What Makes Us Unique?


Our Educators and Trainers
We are scholars from a wealth of cultures, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and are authentic practitioners representing a centrist voice. 
New Perspective
We bring new and thoughtful ideas to the familiar and offer paradigm shifts opening new ways of thinking about persistent challenges. 
Multireligious Literacy
We are uniquely qualified to educate and train on the depth and breadth of religions, intersections of religion and other diversity aspects, and religious diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Accessible Depth
We help people make connections and find commonalities through accessible wisdom by highlighting personal stories and experiences to supplement exceptional educational content.

Dialogical Presentation
We design dynamic co-led programs that are collaborative, conversational, representing diverse voices and viewpoints while also creating safe environments for sharing. 

Continuing & Professional Education in the News

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