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Here are some sample workshops.  Best to call us, so we can help you assess your organization’s needs and design a program that will give you lasting and sustainable results.  


Faith at the University

A resource kit for facilitating better understanding of religious diversity on campus featuring one or more short lessons that can be delivered synchronously or asynchronously. An accompanying guide provides discussion prompts, plus suggestions for further study.

Subjects offered include, but are not limited to:

Religion? Let’s Think About It -

Suggestions for defining “religion”; alternative vocabulary; attitudes toward it; recommendations for fruitful engagement with religious diversity

Multireligious Connecticut (or another state)

A plethora of religions thrive in Connecticut—which means that you may well meet adherents of many of them on your campus. Here is an overview of religions in your state —from A to Z!

Religion Around the Clock

Learn how religions construe “a day”, how various religions punctuate each 24-hour cycle with prayer and other acts of faith or devotion, and toward what those acts are directed.

Religion and the Annual Calendar

Many religions have their own approach to thinking about the passage of time: when the new year begins; how the annual cycle is constructed and punctuated with special days and seasons. Learn about these many competing calendars—which can have implications for planning campus events.

Religion and What We Wear

Religions may direct their adherents to wear a particular head-covering or undergarment or other articles of faith. They may mandate a specific dress code for their leaders. They may set policies about removal of shoes in spaces dedicated to worship or practice. Here is an opportunity to learn about religion-mandated apparel.

Religion, Food, and Fasting

Some religions have elaborate dietary rules. Many use food and drink ceremonially. Most incorporate periods of fasting and occasions for feasting into their annual cycle. Learn about the constellation of food rules in operation on any campus with a multi-religious student-body, staff, or faculty.

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